Supplier Membership

For companies that have waste and leftover materials

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Residual materials, offcuts or rejects from production are put up for sale in our digital and physical showrooms.
Avoided emissions* reporting
The materials are promoted at events and exhibitions
The materials are promoted at meetings with potential buyers
All coordination and logistics
Web and social media promotion
Curious to find out what your waste material is worth?
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Buyer Membership

For companies that want to buy and use new waste materials
Choose the membership that fits your strategy

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MINI Demand
Perfect for startups, students, small exhibitions and artists.
on listed price
MIDI Demand
Perfect for manufactures and designers.
on listed price
MAXI Demand
Perfect for large productions, architects and developers.
on listed price
Access to all materials at low prices
Web and social media promotion
Hunting service for your desired waste material
All coordination and logistics
Avoided emissions reporting (coming 2024)

We can't be circular alone

Our members supply or make use of New Waste for the benefit of the environment and the bottom line. Together, we’re connecting waste streams to the supply chain and changing the life cycle of materials.
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We can’t build a circular future without circular thinkers. Together we’re creating better solutions for both the planet and bottom lines.