ReCollector is a design company with a special focus on sustainability and a warm heart. Founder and CEO, Tenna Holdorff Christiansen, started ReCollector with a vision to create functional and stylish solutions for waste sorting.

Tenna, with her background in anthropology, took the initiative to develop an innovative waste sorting solution when she identified a need that had not yet been satisfactorily met. Her anthropological approach initiated an in-depth field analysis with a focus on user-friendly methods for waste sorting or, more accurately, the lack thereof.

ReCollector waste bins are the result of this profound effort, where Tenna Holdorff Christiansen met the needs she encountered in Danish households during her fieldwork. At the same time, she aimed to address the challenges associated with waste sorting.

ReCollector's waste bins are made from a remarkable 98% recycled plastic, specifically recycled PP plastic sourced from industrial waste. This not only makes them environmentally friendly but also fully recyclable.


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