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Where do the materials come from?

All materials available in THE UPCYCL's database are actual residual materials and by-products from production - provided by production members. These typically produce products made of steel, wood, plastic, textiles, cardboard, leather and much more.

The materials in our database are typically a continuous surplus from this production that cannot be used by the company in question.

Why are some materials priced - and others not?

Prices in THE UPCYCL vary according to the quality of the material, raw material value and disposal costs of the manufacturing company.

As a member, you get preferential prices and delivery options.
Members also have special access to material samples.

Your criteria for materials in the database are volume and consistency.
What does this mean?

Your criteria for materials in the database are volume and consistency.

What does this mean?Materials in our database meet criteria for volume and consistency, so they are suitable as a base for new designs or can go in and replace otherwise newly produced elements in existing designs.

For this reason, you will only find materials in the database that are consistent and come in large quantities.

How does partnering with THE UPCYCL make sense for my business?

THE UPCYCL acts as a catalyst that reveals the potential for upcycling partnerships. Partnerships established through THE UPCYCL therefore make sense for any company that simply wants to replace the consumption of newly extracted materials with the consumption of existing residual materials and by-products from production.

When you establish partnerships through our platform, you start to recycle materials and reduce your carbon footprint.

What about delivery - how are you responsible in this area?

We do our best to minimize delivery rounds and do this practically by accumulating, or requiring our members to accumulate, deliveries. This way, we optimize the use of the space available for each delivery - and minimize driving at the same time.

We are very ambitious about our contribution to reducing CO2 emissions related to production, disposal/incineration and recycling - and this of course includes delivery emissions. THE UPCYCL also offers a delivery service between member companies for product development.

Can I contact the material provider myself?

We handle all information about our members and their waste streams anonymously and respect requests to keep these details private.

For this reason, it is not possible to contact material providers through THE UPCYCL.

Are the details of our residual materials anonymous?

Yes, we do. If it's important to you, we'll keep the details of your materials, quantities and variations anonymous.

As a catalyst between production, development (design) and retail, it is important to us that our members can safely circulate materials through our platform.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions.