Our Mission

On accelerating circular material use

We create action via overview and access to each other.

At THE UPCYCL our goal is to work together to circulate materials between the production and development stages so that the supply chain will consist more of upcycled items. By sharing resources through THE UPCYCL, we free up time and generate revenue while reducing resource consumption and disposal impact.

THE UPCYCL is a tool and a catalyst for the utilization of materials - even those with skewed dimensions and unrefined edges. By setting requirements for the New Waste materials in the database on uniformity, continuity and volume, we ensure that it is possible to base entire collections and productions - on a residual material. This replaces otherwise newly produced components with a recyclable alternative.

We do this by

Offering an overview of members' residual materials that are ready to be considered and integrated into new or existing designs and solutions.
Establishing knowledge sharing to help each other in the circular agenda.
Monitoring emissions and material savings for the benefit of members' CSR, brand and the planet.


Because the production or development stage cannot circulate materials with itself.We need each other and the supply or demand we each represent. This way, we can anticipate future carbon taxes and environmental regulations while meeting consumer demand for responsible solutions.