Meet our team

The circle does not close itself. Neither when it comes to recycling, reuse or upcycling - nor in the orchestra we have in our office that swings the instruments for the circular transition. At the office, we juggle skills, ideas and projects to create value and accelerate the circular use of materials in businesses across the country.
Rikke Ullersted
Chief Executive Officer

Rikke is the founder and CEO of THE UPCYCL.

As a former partner in a design agency, Rikke saw an increase in demand for responsible design and circular material use, while there was a lack of overview and establishment of a circular supply chain. With this in mind, Rikke launched THE UPCYCL.

Søren Andersen
Chief Commercial Officer

Søren is responsible for leading THE UPCYCL’s commercial strategies and executions as Commercial Chief aka CCO. His attention is on creating circular win-win-win business-cases for our member companies - on both sides of the circle. Sørens skill set includes expertise in leading sales efforts, organizational development, and driving companies towards successful sales.

With a wealth of experience in the furniture industry, encompassing both major corporations and emerging Danish design brands, Søren brings invaluable insights to the table.

Bitten Jakobsen (maternity leave)
Community Manager

Bitten is THE UPCYCL's inside woman with broad knowledge from the green arena and materials.

Bitten has a degree in Design Culture and Experience Economy and several years of experience in the design and recycling sectors. She works with members to create circular partnerships and value on all fronts.

Christopher Søholm Kristensen
Materials & Implementation Manager

Christoffer is The UPCYCLS man in Copenhagen, and can contribute with knowledge within sustainability in products and construction, product development and materials. Christoffer is educated at DTU in Design and Innovation, and has several years of experience in the design industry.

He is on the geek team and sparring with the members regarding construction, design, materials and production. In addition, Christoffer can contribute with broad knowledge in the field of sustainability documentation.

Christian Thisted
Digital Development Manager

Christian is THE UPCYCL’s entrepreneurial No-Coder and comes with experience from masterminding previous tech startups.

As a digital product and process developer by trade, Christian is the wizard behind the scenes, using No-Code tools to lift THE UPCYCL platform to great heights.

With a degree in Business Development Engineering, Christian also brings strategic vision and foresight to our team.

Specialized, visionary and just nice.

Rikke Lauritsen
Communications & PR Manager

Rikke is the driving force behind Communications and PR, navigating with precision and passion. With a master's degree in Design Studies specializing in communication and mediation, she brings academic sharpness coupled with a performance flair. As an external lecturer at the University of Southern Denmark, Rikke possesses knowledge in design, media, and sustainability.

She strategically lays the groundwork for effective communication and structure, guiding THE UPCYCL community to new heights and broader horizons.

Add to that her high energy, a career as an elite dancer, and a short way to big smiles.

Emma Brown
Social Media intern

Emma Brown serves as THE UPCYCL's Social Media (SoMe) intern. Currently pursuing her studies in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at VIA Design and Business, she is focused on creating engaging and visually nice content for our social media platforms to broaden our reach.

With an education as a marketing economist and having created content for 4 years on her own social media platforms, Emma brings valuable insights from her hands-on experience with social media.

Naqwa Siyaad Mohamoud
In-House Sample Seamstress

Naqwa is the one who works magic with textiles. She has over 20 years of experience in all things sewing and is therefore responsible for textile samples and our shipping bags.

In addition, Naqwa is a passionate person who puts all her energy into her work. On a daily basis, she creates swatches of various textiles so that developers can "have a look and feel" and make the design process tangible.