Space for circular material collaborations

Material libraries and innovation spaces.

Choose the right solution for your local area

THE UPCYCL are locally present with material libraries or circular innovation spaces - when ambitions are present and partners are ready for circular action. With physical New Waste materials, shelving, frames and spaces, we can initiate concrete action between entrepreneurship, industry and creative industries - and create local symbioses.

Materials showroom - Preparing local manufacturing companies for the circular economy

This solution focuses on accelerating the circular agenda in manufacturing and industrial companies. We identify residual materials in the municipality's manufacturing and industrial companies and present them in a material showroom that will be constructed in collaboration with the entrepreneurial community in the municipality. By doing so, we are igniting the circular communities and connecting production and industry with the entrepreneurial community.

Circular innovation space - attracting and retaining entrepreneurs and creative industries in municipalities

With a circular innovation space, you give entrepreneurs in the municipality the opportunity to be inspired to create growth and jobs from the residual materials that already exist in the local environment. Entrepreneurs can hold meetings and presentations in the circular innovation space and use the leftover materials in their idea development and brainstorming. In addition, THE UPCYCL will facilitate workshops with a focus on knowledge sharing and networking.

Sustainable education - simplifying the distance between municipalities and educational institutions

This solution focuses on strengthening the bond between municipalities and educational institutions, and preparing the new generations for a career focused on circular economy and resource optimization. We facilitate the cooperation between municipality, industry and educational institutions through partnerships and optimization of material use. The educational institutions will be supported to implement sustainable solutions in their teaching.
"We see great potential in being able to help promote the local business community's efforts towards a more circular mindset and more sustainable business. There are great opportunities to improve the management of our resources and thereby create economic value for local businesses. We need action, and THE UPCYCL's identity radiates action - so let's turbocharge the collaboration!"
- Susanne T. Hansen
Head of Business and Tourism, Holstebro Kommune