Sustain Business

Steffen Max Høgh and his company, SustainBusiness, are based in Aarhus and provide businesses with guidance on sustainable business development, following the motto:

"Make money by making the world a better place."

In addition to founding SustainBusiness, Steffen is also known for producing the podcast "Bæredygtig business," being the author of the book of the same name, and for his many fantastic speeches and discussions on good green business.

The reason for their membership became evident in connection with the setup of SustainBusiness's new luxurious office and the "Bæredygtig business" podcast studio.

Membership in THE UPCYCL allows SustainBusiness to make wise material purchases and, in this way, engage in good sustainable business within upcycled settings.

A company that clearly practices what they preach!

A membership with THE UPCYCL provides SustainBusiness and Steffen Max Høgh with the perfect framework to choose the sustainable model in their material usage.

Read more about how Steffen Max Høgh works for green transformation and good business with "Bæredygtig Business" here.


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