Loop Hup, Holstebro Municipality

Foto credit: Ole Mortensen

“Entrepreneur is not a title, it is an action.” These words come from project manager Jonas Gol, who runs the creative development center Loop Hub, located at Slagteriet in Holstebro.

The community at Loop Hub provides a framework for people to develop themselves and their business ideas. This happens based on a sustainable business model, focusing on finding solutions to some of the world's challenges.

The mission at Loop Hub includes seeing opportunities where others see limitations. This way, one can view residual materials with fresh eyes when starting their business. Therefore, Loop Hub has a library of New Waste materials from THE UPCYCL.
Jonas Gol, Project Manager at Holstebro Municipality.
Foto credit: Ole Mortensen

Loop Hub's entrepreneurship program, REvolver (supported by Circular Economy Beyond Waste (CEBW) and LIFE Programme), is based on economic, social, personal, and environmental sustainability.

Foto credit: Ole Mortensen


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