SDG Week and the opening of Loop Hub in Holstebro

THE UPCYCL was invited to talk about New Waste Symbiosis and circular product cases for manufacturing companies from Holstebro Municipality and the surrounding area in connection with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Week and the opening of Loop Hub (formerly Bropas) at the Slaughterhouse.

Under the title "From surplus to profit - Create value with your waste," THE UPCYCL's COO, Katja Meyer, presented several of the cases created by members through THE UPCYCL's circular community.

THE UPCYCL presented New Waste materials from its members on the New Waste Material Wall, and on that day, they also set up an exhibition table for guests to see and touch the materials.

The New Waste Material Wall with New Waste materials from THE UPCYCL members can be seen at LoopHub.

If you're interested in booking a meeting in Holstebro with someone from THE UPCYCL, please email, and we will find a suitable day.

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