Betech A/S is a specialist in rubber and polymer materials, delivering strong, technical products and materials to the industry. They are particularly focused on products based on rubber and other polymer materials. The company is possibly the most versatile and agile supplier of seals and polymer products to the industry in Scandinavia, Europe, and Asia.

One of Betech's messages is that every collaboration with them should provide valuable results. It's only natural for them to create even more value by circulating surplus products from their own production to other companies through a strong partnership with THE UPCYCL.

With the customer's products at the forefront, they provide optimal solutions every day with a focus on functionality and resource optimization. As part of the company's vision of sustainability, Betech is now a part of THE UPCYCL. By sharing, we save CO2 for the common good.

Learn more about Betech's collaborations with other strong brands here.

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