VE2 primarily works within product and interior design and has won numerous international awards for their design work over the years. The design company was founded in 2007, and with two decades of experience and design education from the Aarhus School of Architecture, designers Hugo Dines Schmidt and Morten Lauritzen form a strong team with versatile skills. VE2 is focused on sustainable design based on quality, honesty, and a good design's ability to create aesthetic and functional value for the user.

As the name VE2 ("veto") suggests, all work is based on the right to express one's opinion. Strong opinions from designers, manufacturers, and end-users are always respected, and now the company is also "vetoing" the linear economy.

Our solutions are based on close collaboration with the customer, a good understanding of materials and processing options, and many years of design experience. The choice of materials, production methods, design, and finishing are some of the parameters that can pave the way for a long design and quality life that can subsequently have a positive impact in a circular economy.

VE2's design process is based on the idea that products should always be seen in the context of their surroundings, and, conversely, products also affect their surroundings. Revealing a product's potential is always the initial ambition and the foundation of any design process at VE2. Creating opportunities through an open and non-judgmental work process is a fundamental core value.

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