Dansk Varebilindretning

Dansk Varebilindretning has been designing vehicle interiors since 1986 and loves doing it.

Dansk Varebilindretning is dedicated to contributing to the circular economy and, for that reason, has become a mini-member of THE UPCYCL.

With a mini-membership at THE UPCYCL, we gain access to their material exchange where we source leftover materials. We use these materials in various mobile boxes that we supply to all types of educational institutions (primary schools, boarding schools, youth education, and adult education) to help them manage students' mobile phones. Leftover materials from THE UPCYCL are also increasingly used in our tailored vehicle interior solutions for our customers. This helps reduce waste and strengthens our sustainable approach.
Lone Porsgaard Rasmussen, co-owner of Dansk Varebilindretning

Dansk Varebilindretning ensures that businesses make optimal use of the cargo space in their vans and company vehicles. They create custom wood solutions that maximize the space in the vehicle, including drawers, boxes, and other accessories. Their solutions consider factors such as cost-effectiveness, user-friendliness, work satisfaction, and sustainability, all to create the most optimal interior solution that suits the specific needs and industry of each business.

Their vehicle interiors are designed to last for many years and can be reused in multiple vehicles subsequently. Many of their interior solutions have already surpassed 25 years and are still fully functional.


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