Lau Tidemann Poulsen, a school training instructor at AARHUS TECH, is a true visionary with a mission to enhance education in a greener direction. Lau aims to introduce the use of sustainable materials in the training of young carpenters in the building trades education at AARHUS TECH.

"I have long contemplated how we can shift our focus from the use of new materials in our education to more sustainable materials. It's high time we change that culture and habit", says Lau Tidemann Poulsen, School Training Instructor at AARHUS TECH.

THE UPCYCL will assist AARHUS TECH in implementing sustainable materials as a replacement for newly produced materials.

I see great value in joining THE UPCYCL community. We must reduce our overconsumption of new materials and integrate sustainability from the beginning of the education. That's why we've chosen to become members of THE UPCYCL, which can guide us toward replacing newly produced materials with New Waste materials. Through this collaboration, we have more to share outwardly and inspire other carpentry education programs to follow our example.
Lau Tidemann Poulsen, School Training Instructor at AARHUS TECH

Specifically, AARHUS TECH will look into THE UPCYCL's catalog in the future when the wood education program initiates new experiments and building projects, selecting leftover materials for the projects instead of purchasing new materials. In this way, AARHUS TECH is contributing to reducing the amount of waste wood and limiting the consumption of virgin materials.


AARHUS TECH is one of the country's largest vocational schools and has been dedicated to meeting the needs of the business world since its establishment in 1828. The school consists of three campuses and offers a wide range of youth education programs as well as adult and continuing education.

About the Wood Trades Building Education - Carpentry:

In the wood trades building education at AARHUS TECH, students work on all kinds of carpentry, including roof structures, stairs, carports, and dormers. Students gain a solid understanding of different types of wood and other building materials, as well as an introduction to both traditional and modern craftsmanship techniques. The education leads to specialization as a carpenter, floor layer, or thatcher.


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