Waste & Recycling, Middelfart Kommune

Affald & Genbrug, Middelfart Municipality, has as its primary task to help the city's citizens and businesses minimize waste volumes, sort waste at source and ensure that as many resources as possible are reused directly or sent for recycling.

We are a member of THE UPCYCL because we share the same values and want to support keeping resources in circulation. We also have an ongoing need to find residual materials that we can use for our own projects.
Jakob Rauff Baungaard, project manager at Middelfart Municipality

An important part of Affald & Genbrug's work is to incorporate residual and recycled materials into their projects, because as Jakob Rauff Baunegaard says: "If a waste company with a focus on resource utilization doesn't do it, who will?". In development projects, Affald & Genbrug investigates whether recycled materials can be used, and if not, they buy residual materials from THE UPCYCL, which are included in the projects.

One of their significant projects includes the construction of a brand new recycling center and the expansion of an existing one. By working with residual materials on a large scale, Affald & Genbrug has achieved significant savings in resources, CO2 emissions and costs.

Through our material harvesting, we've discovered that recycling is not just about traditional recycling. We've discovered that there's a whole new category out there - New Waste materials, which are new, completely unused residual materials that end up as waste.
Jakob Rauff Baungaard, project manager at Middelfart Municipality
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