Giant letters on the harbor in Middelfart

Photo: Climate Summit

Climate Summit leads the way in the use of New Waste

They do what they say in Middelfart Kommune - so of course they used New Waste materials for the eye-catching Hollywood-inspired installation at the Climate Summit.

The materials for the installation come partly from THE UPCYCL member Lindab Denmark, who through their membership are part of the journey towards the circular transition. Partnerships, collaborations, communities and genuine circular material love makes perfect sense!

The idea is the brainchild of Circular Economy Project Manager Jakob Baungaard and the Climate Summit's ambitious team, and the letters themselves are made by students at HANSENBERG's carpentry program in Kolding.

The giant letters have inspired other companies and organizers, and soon we'll be sharing more case studies of other great installations made with New Waste materials - sourced by THE UPCYCL.

And of course, the letters are in stock and will be available again next year.

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