Klimafolkemøde in Middelfart 2022

THE UPCYCL was once again present at the Climate People's Meeting (Klimafolkemødet) in Middelfart this year. We brought both a New Waste Material Bank and Material Library. The Material Bank later made its way to Viborg, where it found its place at the FN17 Business Center and Business Viborg.

At the Climate People's Meeting, we experienced how we can be circular together and engaged in discussions about partnerships, climate action, and the circular economy. We had the pleasure of hosting a lot of interested visitors in the material library and also participated in several excellent panel discussions during the event.

THE UPCYCL founder, Rikke Ullersted, discussed circular partnerships and circular material usage with member companies Lindab, Højer Møbler, Hune & Elkjær, and Zeal, showcasing good examples from THE UPCYCL members. Rikke also participated in a debate on wood recycling with Kent Fonseca from STARK GENTRÆ and Niels Jakubiak Andersen from Næste.

Our COO, Katja Meyer, also took part in a great debate with Frederik Müntzberg from Iværksætterdanmark, Mona Jensen from Something Green, and Xenia Duffy and Kirstine Hougaard from Zeal, focusing on the circular economy and sustainable business development.

If you'd like to meet with us for a discussion about the circular economy and partnerships, you can book a meeting by emailing hello@theupcycl.com.