Højer Møbler

With the sustainable mindset Højer Møbler has to creating products, it was only a matter of timing before they joined THE UPCYCL's circular matchmaking network. Højer Møbler works to reduce their environmental impact from the moment a piece of furniture starts its "life" as raw material until production and until the furniture becomes waste - a goal fully supported by THE UPCYCL. They strive for sustainable production on multiple fronts, practiced through their environmental management system.

Højer Møbler is a Danish company with over 30 years of experience in developing, manufacturing, and delivering furniture for the education sector. In their production, Højer Møbler uses environmentally friendly materials, and this is where THE UPCYCL comes into play by sourcing New Waste materials to replace existing designs - and for future designs.

Højer Møbler produces high-quality furniture with a minimum lifespan of 20 years, which also helps reduce the furniture's average environmental impact. This is because the environmental impact is greatest during production, and the longer the time between the customer's purchase of new furniture, the lower the environmental impact.

In Højer Møbler, they believe that careful and thoughtful design in the form of functional, inspiring, and innovative solutions supports different learning styles and creates optimal conditions for learning and knowledge exchange among people. Many of the solutions are made of wood, and here, Højer Møbler naturally focuses on sustainable forestry.

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