Acrylic Tray for Learning Environments Made from Waste

Højer Møbler and Stoko Plast have teamed up thanks to THE UPCYCL's matchmaking initiative. The collaboration involves repurposing Stoko Plast's leftover materials to create a storage tray named Zap Tray, which now forms part of Højer Møbler's Zap Concept. The Zap Tray storage tray is made of green acrylic, which is classified as second-grade due to minor cosmetic imperfections such as small bubbles, scratches, and variations in color tone.

We always look towards New Waste materials when designing new products; it's a natural part of our decision-making process to adapt the design to any available leftover material. The challenge often lies in finding a suitable piece of New Waste that can be used 1:1 compared to virgin materials, and with ZAP Tray, we were fortunate. It only required minor design adjustments to achieve nearly 100% utilization of the leftover material
Ulrik Brøndum Mathiassen, Product and Development Manager at Højer Møbler

Modular and adaptable

Zap Concept is a novel and practical furniture series designed to transform learning environments. It offers flexibility and mobility by converting passive areas and outdoor spaces into workstations for students and educators. This concept can replace traditional furniture or be integrated into existing school interiors and architecture, enabling differentiated learning and increased instructional freedom.

The Zap Tray storage tray is particularly valuable for students and teachers as it allows them to organize papers, pencils, phones, and small items in one place. It can be easily moved between various workstations or placed on tables, thanks to its compatibility with Højer Møbler's Zap wall rail and Zap totem.

The Supplier Stoko Plast

Stoko Plast, the supplier of the green acrylic, specializes in thermoforming and vacuum forming and is renowned for producing sun visors and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for some of the largest automobile manufacturers.

This arranged partnership between Højer Møbler and Stoko Plast represents a positive effort to utilize existing materials and resources in a more sustainable manner. Together, the two member companies of THE UPCYCL contribute to creating innovative and practical furniture that is relevant for learning environments while reducing waste. A sustainable partnership with promising prospects for the future.

Product-specific details:

  • Zap Tray measures 25 x 35 x 5.5 cm.
  • The storage tray is made of 5 mm recycled acrylic.
  • Zap Tray has 4 upturned sides, with 2 of them being tall, allowing them to be mounted on the Zap wall rail.
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