Khalil Almasri

Khalil Almasri is a trained furniture carpenter (and partly an upholsterer) specializing in antique restoration.

After many years in the construction industry, Khalil Almasri has witnessed the enormous waste of perfectly good materials and, therefore, considers THE UPCYCL to be an excellent initiative, describing THE UPCYCL's business model as a true "from Indian to Indian" approach.

Khalil Almasri runs his own carpentry workshop on the farm where he grew up. His approach to design is characterized by a genuine craftsman mentality:

I see the product in the material rather than buying the material needed to make the product. That's why I store all the logs and boards in the attic above my workshop - unless they are so warped that they end up in the wood stove.
Khalil Almasri, Furniture Carpenter

When it comes to sustainability, Khalil embraces "old" virtues and a kind of old-school approach to sustainability. He explains it as follows:

A time when materials held greater value than man-hours, and not everything had to be transported around the world three times just to be used and discarded at the next move. Old craftsmanship was created to endure, to accompany one throughout their life, to be repairable, and to be passed down. This is my foundation for everything I build and create. If something no longer serves its original purpose, the usable materials are saved and become part of the next project.
Khalil Almasri, Furniture Carpenter


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