Industrial Waste Materials Accessible for "Danmarks næste klassiker"

The five contestants and their designs.

In “Danmarks næste klassiker” five talented design members take on the challenge of designing new design classics. 

"The choices you have made point towards a future in a really nice way."

THE UPCYCL is a featured part of this year's season of the TV program “Danmarks næste klassiker” / “Denmark’s next classic”, providing the designers with the opportunity to use New Waste materials into their design solutions throughout the season.

By making industrial waste materials accessible to the designers, THE UPCYCL aims to demonstrate the potential for creating a more circular Danish design industry.

The five new designers, Khalil Almasri, Tine Mouritsen, Anne Dorthe Vester, Nichlas Bjørn and Mads Ingvorsen, are all members of THE UPCYCL. This membership grants them access to THE UPCYCL's extensive selection of New Waste materials, some of which will be featured in the program.

The designers have three weeks to create a new piece of furniture, which they will present to the judges, Pil Bredahl and Kasper Salto. Throughout the season, they will face six design challenges across different categories. After each challenge, it will be decided which piece of furniture earns a place on the podium.

As we are probably not in need of another ‘new’ classic furniture design, THE UPCYCL believe it is crucial to rethink the Danish design industry. The focus should be on innovative design processes that utilize existing materials, preventing them from becoming waste. The guiding principle is to let the materials lead the design, emphasizing the use of what is already available.

We hope the designers draw inspiration from New Waste materials and recognize their potential to reduce costs, CO2 emissions, consumption of virgin materials, and overall waste.

THE UPCYCL matches and trades industrial waste streams between the industries that generate them and the companies that can use them, while documenting their circular footprint.

As THE UPCYCL is a commercial company, we are not featured explicitly in the program due to DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) rules.

"It could be surplus waste from another industry."
Tine Mouritsen's design sketches featuring the rubber cork from THE UPCYCL.
Tine Moutrisen's chair from Denmark's Next Classic, where she has used rubber cork as the feet of the chair.
The chair with which Mads Ingvorsen won the category. The cardboard tube used is sourced by THE UPCYCL.
Mads Ingevorsen working on the chair.