NICHBA, Nichlas Bjørn

Nichlas Bjørn, who is a designer and product manager at NICHBA, originally trained as a stainless steel blacksmith and production technologist. He has been the co-owner of NICHBA for 7 years alongside his partner, Christoffer Sakstrup.

THE UPCYCL has done what many haven't dared to do, which is to fight a tough and continuous battle to make it easily accessible to access a wealth of materials that, for a company like ours, has otherwise been a rather daunting task to delve into.
Nichlas Bjørn, designer and product manager at NICHBA

NICHBA is a design company that primarily produces home accessories and small furniture aimed at both private individuals and businesses, such as hotels, offices, and restaurants, internationally.

As a designer and product manager, Nichlas Bjørn has a sharp focus on good quality and durability, striving to downplay fleeting trends. Nichlas loves to combine practical functionality with materials that ensure the product can be used for many years.

"As a young company, we are increasingly moving towards making a difference and taking responsibility for our impact on the industry and our customers' buying behavior".

And Nichlas Bjørn does this by placing focus in the right areas: 

"I carefully consider the choice of materials and aim to incorporate more valuable features into our furniture so that the customer might be able to avoid buying as many things", he says. 

There are countless opportunities to work more sustainably, and as long as a brand, like designer Nichlas Bjørn and NICHBA, takes responsibility, it is a step in the right direction!

It's solely an inspiration to delve into THE UPCYCL's material library, and one can leave with new perspectives on product development and future material choices, and, most importantly, how a company can handle its potential waste, namely by contributing to the circular economy.
Nichlas Bjørn, designer and product manager at NICHBA


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