Tine Mouritsen ApS

Tine Mouritsen ApS is a Danish design company, founded in 2006, specializing in Furniture and Space Design.

Tine Mouritsen is the woman behind the design company. She holds a Master's degree in Architecture from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Furniture & Space Department, obtained in 2000. Tine Mouritsen possesses strong design expertise in furniture and interior design, both for private and public spaces, and is a sought-after designer for exhibitions and trade shows.

I have been with The Upcycl from the beginning and followed the fantastic work of THE UPCYCL's CEO, Rikke Ullersteds, over the years. For the past 3.5 years, I have primarily immersed myself in interior design projects as an employee, but now I am on my way back to my own studio, furniture design, and interior concepts.
Tine Mouritsen

Tine Mouritsen goes by aliases such as Creative Director, Workplace Specialist, ConceptMaker, and SpaceMaker. With a wide array of tools in her toolbox, Tine Mouritsen can facilitate complex processes like change management and provide advice on everything from color psychology and space planning to the impact of materials on our well-being. What an attractive palette of creativity and in-depth expertise.

There is an increased focus on the circular economy and sustainable initiatives within the furniture and interior design industry today, and therefore it was a natural decision to become a member of THE UPCYCL. We all share a responsibility for the state of our planet.
Tine Mouritsen


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