Ingvorsen Design

Ingvorsen Design is a company with a focus on product and lighting design. Designer Mads Ingvorsen graduated from the Royal Academy of Design in Copenhagen in 2021.

I have become a member to be inspired by new materials and products and to receive professional and competent advice.
Mads Ingvorsen, designer and owner of Ingvorsen Design

An example of Ingvorsen Design is Mads Ingvorsen's Mobius lamp, a ceiling lamp inspired by mathematical principles. This lamp ignited Mads Ingvorsen's interest in complex and magical lighting fixtures and served as the foundation for the establishment of Ingvorsen Design.

After a brief period of working in some design offices, I realized that I'm not meant to have a boss, fixed tasks, and uninspiring work processes. So, I've decided to let go of my countless thoughts.
Mads Ingvorsen, designer and owner of Ingvorsen Design
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