Fredericia is a Danish furniture manufacturer and a family-owned company with roots dating back to 1911. Over generations, Fredericia has played a significant role in garnering international respect for Danish design. Iconic furniture designers such as Børge MogensenHans J. Wegner and Nanna Ditzel were instrumental in establishing the design and craftsmanship institution that characterizes Fredericia today.

It makes perfect sense for us to be a part of THE UPCYCL. Our membership is a supply membership, which means that we contribute some of the quality materials left over from our production to THE UPCYCL. They then ensure that these materials end up in the right hands of those who can use them in new design solutions.
Cecilie Gløe-Jakobsen, Project and Sustainability Specialist i Fredericia

The Story of Fredericia

The history of Fredericia began over a century ago when the company was founded as Fredericia Stolefabrik. The company's design heritage and craftsmanship tradition can be traced back to the earlier days when a dedication to quality craftsmanship was established.

Fredericia's business and recognition are said to have taken a new direction when Andreas Graversen, the former owner of the company, collaborated with Børge Mogensen in 1955. Børge Mogensen's intuitive understanding of materials and a strong sense of proportions led to a series of iconic furniture pieces that are still highly regarded today by collectors, museums, architects, and designers worldwide.

In his designs, Børge Mogensen focused on simplicity and functionality, distancing himself from unnecessary ornamentation and allowing the materials to stand out in their simplicity. This aesthetic aligns with the Danish design tradition of functional design, where minimalism and functionality go hand in hand.

Over the years, the Graversen family has continuously expanded the circle of affiliated designers, all contributing to the ongoing renewal and reinterpretation of Fredericia's design philosophy.

In October 2020, Fredericia acquired the Danish company Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik, a company that also holds a significant place in Danish design history, emphasizing quality and craftsmanship."


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