Kredsløb is responsible for waste management in Aarhus Municipality and provides district heating to the residents.

We have a mini demand membership at THE UPCYCL, which grants us access to their material exchange of New Waste materials, which we particularly use when organizing events and workshops.
Peter Christensen, Project Coordinator at Kredsløb/Reuse.

Kredsløb has joined THE UPCYCL as both a supply and demand member. This means that Kredsløb commits to both replacing virgin materials with residual materials and returning their waste into circulation so that other members can take and use it in their projects.

In Aarhus, Kredsløb has established Reuse, a free recycling station where people can drop off and find items that they can take home, completely free of charge. Reuse also hosts an open workshop once a week, where, among other things, you can get assistance in repairing your discovered recycled treasures.

Kredsløb is responsible for handling and processing the total waste volume in Aarhus Municipality in an environmentally responsible manner. Additionally, Kredsløb provides district heating to 90 percent of the residents, including large housing companies, single-family houses, and several neighboring municipalities.

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