Circular DIY: Battery Sorting at The Ocean Race

During The Ocean Race, surplus materials from Lindab were transformed into battery boxes at workshops organized by REUSE. The purpose of these battery boxes was to highlight the proper disposal of batteries and the importance of sorting them correctly to prevent environmental harm. 

The battery boxes were made from paper that THE UPCYCL had sourced from Lindab, a member of THE UPCYCL. The paper used for the battery boxes was surplus material from packaging the goods that Lindab receives, serving as a protective layer to prevent damage during transportation. By recycling this surplus material, it could be given a new life as sustainable battery boxes.

REUSE hosted a workshop where visitors to The Ocean Race could stop by and decorate their own personalized battery boxes. The workshop provided a creative space for, among others, families with children and creative individuals, while also emphasizing the importance of proper battery disposal and making waste sorting a bit easier and more enjoyable in many new households.

REUSE, owned and operated by Kredsløb, is a recycling station with the motto: "Give what you have, and take what you can use." Here, the citizens of Aarhus can drop off furniture, textiles, tableware, and toys while also finding items that would have otherwise been discarded. The Ocean Race is the world's longest and toughest ocean race, and it was the first time Aarhus hosted this international event.

The Ocean Race visited Aarhus from May 29 to June 8, 2023, with the goal of being a climate-positive mega-event, which required host cities to think in sustainable solutions. It is estimated that there were at least 350,000 visitors during the 11 days when The Ocean Race took place in Aarhus.

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