Aarhus set sail towards Sustainability

Denmark's beautiful harbor city, Aarhus, played host to the iconic The Ocean Race from May 29 to June 8, 2023. The Ocean Race is renowned as the world's longest and most challenging offshore sailing competition.

In this year's edition of The Ocean Race, the goal was clear: to create a climate-positive mega event. This required host cities to think innovatively and act sustainably. Aarhus accepted the challenge, and that's where THE UPCYCL was called upon to provide surplus materials for the event.

These materials were utilized for various purposes, including a workshop organized by Kredsløb/Reuse on-site. This not only reduced waste generation but also showcased how recycling can play a central role in major international events.

A notable event during The Ocean Race was the visit from the renowned Dutch media outlet, “Kompas in Vooruitgang”. They eagerly covered the event and decided to visit THE UPCYCL showroom in Aarhus, where navigator Maarten Bouwhuis interviewed THE UPCYCL's COO, Katja Meyer. This interview was part of the "Road to Scheveningen" series.

It is estimated that during the 11 days The Ocean Race took place in Aarhus, there were at least 350,000 visitors. This not only created an atmosphere of joy and excitement in the city but also demonstrated that Aarhus has the potential to be a leading host city for international events with a focus on sustainability.

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