Klinger Denmark

Klinger Denmark supplies valves, instruments, gaskets and seals for a wide range of applications including: marine, oil & gas, energy, pharma, chemical, food and infrastructure.

Klinger Denmark is a member of THE UPCYCL, through which they sell their industrial waste to other companies who can use their residual materials for design and development projects.

Our membership in THE UPCYCL allows us to actively seek alternative uses for our waste and thus increase our sustainability efforts.
Production Team Manager at Klinger Denmark, Niels Højensgaard.

Niels Højensgaard elaborates:

"We were looking for a way to recycle waste materials from Klinger Denmark, but no companies were willing to take it on. My team researched further and came across THE UPCYCL. Recycling is a resource-intensive process, but through our membership at THE UPCYCL this process is made even easier as instead of "recycling" we can "upcycle" our industrial waste materials 1:1 into another company's value chain."

Klinger Denmark is part of the Klinger Group, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of valves, instruments, gaskets, seals and compensators. The family-owned company, founded in 1886, today presents itself as a globally active group of companies. Their distribution network includes 19 production sites and sales and service offices in 60 countries.


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