BS Byggeservice

BS Byggeservice, as a member of THE UPCYCL, contributes to reducing waste in the construction industry when their surplus materials circulate into new industries where they can be useful and beneficial.

We look forward to our collaboration with THE UPCYCL and are excited that together we can take the next step in a greener and more sustainable development based on the use of our surplus materials. With this collaboration, our company will lead a necessary and natural development towards a greener transition in the building industry. As suppliers, we need to think differently and innovate in an industry that places increasing demands on development, waste reduction, and resource recycling.
Lars Mølgård, Production Manager at BS Byggeservice

BS Byggeservice produces sheet metal folding solutions for new construction. The company is located in Odder, and for over 20 years, they have provided folding elements to the construction industry.

With their patented folding elements, BS Byggeservice contributes to ensuring that buildings meet both workplace safety and insulation requirements.

They help achieve energy savings in both renovation projects and new construction.

Read more about BS Byggeservice here.


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