At HabiWe, they develop aesthetic and innovative furniture where the user experiences entering a homely habitat. HabiWe are behind the award-winning design furniture HabiCave, which is a multifunctional piece where one can take a break from noise.

We develop furniture that aims to enhance the well-being of the user. We produce the furniture with skilled local craftsmen and utilize socio-economic workshops whenever possible. We work with upcycling materials, make use of leftovers, produce 'on demand,' ship flat-packed, and ensure that materials can be sorted at the end of their use.
Anne Mygind, HabiWe

In the development of new furniture, HabiWe emphasizes both sustainability and functionality. The purpose of the furniture is to create a good indoor climate and enhance the well-being of the user. The furniture can fit into both private homes but is especially suitable for public spaces, classrooms, and office landscapes where they contribute to lowering stress levels and increasing well-being.

Membership in THE UPCYCL makes sense for HabiWe, as the use of leftover materials ensures less waste in the development of new furniture.

Our concept and idea are developed with a focus on reducing consumption and upcycling materials, so we take the best care of our planet. In the development of our latest HabiCave 2.0, the CO2 footprint has been reduced by 35%. Part of this reduction has been achieved by using materials from THE UPCYCL.
Anne Mygind, HabiWe


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