LOOP Forum 2024

THE UPCYCL recently joined LOOP Forum 2024, showcasing the project "12 designs for circularity" as part of Denmark's largest circular economy program, "Closing Loops".

"Closing Loops" receives co-financing from the EU and the Danish Board of Business and is spearheaded by leading clusters including Lifestyle & Design Cluster, Food & Bio Cluster Denmark, WE BUILD DENMARK, and Clean.

Among THE UPCYCL members who participated in the fair were: Wecycle Furniture, Superwood A/S, SQUARELY COPENHAGEN, FÓLK Reykjavik, and HabiWe, presenting their circular projects and products. It is always nice to see THE UPCYCL members showcasing their circular achievements.

The collaborative spirit was evident, emphasizing the collective effort required for circularity. Gratitude was extended to all attendees for their active participation in meaningful discussions and connections.

After all, we can only be circular together 💚