WeCycle Furniture

A Challenge to the Use-and-Throw-Away Culture

Wecycle Furniture designs furniture with a minimalist, classic, and Nordic expression, and all the furniture is made from 100% surplus wood and entirely natural textiles. At Wecycle Furniture, they are perfectionists to the core, and they meticulously care for each of their designs. This means that all their furniture is built to withstand years of use while maintaining a timeless style.

THE UPCYCL was a perfect fit for our values at Wecycle Furniture; it's an exciting collaboration so we make the most of the resources we have available rather than producing something new.
Didde Christiansen, owner of Wecycle Furniture

For Didde Christiansen, the creator of Wecycle Furniture, recycling and upcycling have always been a heartfelt endeavor. In addition to the obvious benefit of taking care of our planet, she also finds a special sense of soulfulness in giving materials a different - and better - life. She has always been driven by her passion for creativity, and for Didde Christiansen, it has always been only imagination that sets the limits.

Our mission at Wecycle Furniture is to design furniture with a simple, Nordic, and minimalist expression in an attempt to challenge the use-and-throw-away culture, where trends typically only last a single season or two.
Didde Christiansen, owner of Wecycle Furniture
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