Circular Bench Crafted from Recycled Seatbelts

Didde Christiansen, designer and owner of Wecycle Furniture, has crafted an outdoor bench from reclaimed wood and recycled safety belts. The bench's frame is made entirely from reclaimed wood, and the seat of the bench is woven using seatbelts sourced through THE UPCYCL.

I'm immensely pleased with my collaboration with THE UPCYCL; they guide and assist me from start to finish when I'm developing new products from New Waste materials. Among other projects, I'm currently designing a dining chair set to launch early next year. Here, THE UPCYCL is assisting in sourcing reclaimed wood with substantial waste that can be used for the chairs.
Didde Christiansen, Designer & Owner of Wecycle Furniture

Salling Autogenbrug

The recycled seatbelts used for weaving the bench were sourced from the member company Salling Autogenbrug. Salling Autogenbrug is "the greenest of its kind." Not only do they function as an auto recycling center, reusing car parts for other vehicles, but they also take it a step further by extracting residual waste such as glass, plastic, seatbelts, airbags, and more - resources that would otherwise end up in incineration.

Wecycle Furniture

Wecycle Furniture is known for designing furniture with a minimalist, classic, and Nordic expression. All their furniture is exclusively made from reclaimed wood and natural textiles. Perfectionism is a virtue that extends down to the smallest details of Wecycle Furniture's pieces, ensuring that their furniture is both durable and timeless in style.

Reducing CO2 emissions, waste, and the consumption of virgin materials

Wecycle Furniture's outdoor bench is a design solution that incorporates circularity from the outset of the creation process. THE UPCYCL's New Waste materials are consistently available and uniform, enabling members like Wecycle Furniture to integrate these materials into their supply chain. This enables Wecycle Furniture's mission to create sustainable design furniture. The collaboration between Salling Autogenbrug, Wecycle Furniture, and THE UPCYCL contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions, waste quantities, and the consumption of virgin materials.

Product Description:

Wecycle Furniture's outdoor bench is available in two sizes: 100x45x45 cm and 150x45x45 cm. The bench comes in two colors: smoked wood with black seatbelts and black wood with black seatbelts. The price is 1,999 DKK for a small outdoor bench and 2,599 DKK for a medium-sized outdoor bench. The bench is part of Wecycle Furniture's upcoming outdoor collection set to launch next year.

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