FÓLK Reykjavik

FÓLK is an Icelandic interior and lifestyle brand that focuses on responsibility and transparency in the design process. Their aim is to unite aesthetics, functionality, and sustainable solutions in their designs, which can benefit consumers.

FÓLK has long known that our societal use of resources is unsustainable, and to preserve or revive the planet's ability to sustain itself, we need to start developing production methods that are less reliant on virgin materials. Instead, we should increasingly depend on using waste materials that are abundant anyway.

In Iceland, the first figures on the circular economy have just been published. The numbers show that only 8.5% of the materials in Iceland enter a circular process after use. Additionally, the annual material consumption for Icelanders is 34 tons per person, while the global average is 12 tons.

Therefore, FÓLK sees a need to accelerate work towards more efficient circular processes for the benefit of the environment. At FÓLK, they work to develop new interior design and furniture based on the fundamental idea of circularity. This can reduce CO2 emissions, which FÓLK measures for its own production.

It is important for us as newcomers to identify and collaborate with relevant stakeholders in the transformation process that has only just begun. THE UPCYCL is a good match when it comes to realizing our vision that design can be a vital driver of the green transition.
Ragna Sara Jonsdottir, Founder and CEO of FÓLK Reykjavík

FÓLK's purpose is to use design to accelerate the green transition. The green transition can happen faster through collaboration between various actors in the value chain, where one's trash can become another's treasure. Therefore, FÓLK fits well with THE UPCYCL, where we facilitate precisely that collaboration.

Learn more about FÓLK and their approach here.

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