Papirværk is an important player in the fight against paper waste. Papirværk specializes in creating handmade paper and artistic expressions from paper waste.

We are a member of THE UPCYCL because we share the same values of keeping waste in circulation rather than ending up as waste.
Jonas Thorup Langelund, founder of Papirværk

Papirværk assists other businesses and institutions in recycling and transforming their paper waste into new products. Papirværk's product range includes everything from greeting cards and diplomas to art posters, Christmas cards, gift cards, place cards, and much more - all made from 100% discarded paper without added glue, chemicals, or wood fibers.

"Paper is made from trees, so the more paper waste we recycle, the fewer trees we avoid cutting down," says Jonas Thorup Langelund.

Papirværk collects paper waste and recycles it in their workshop in Odense. The handmade paper has its own unique expression with a special surface and texture. Papirværk's creative approach to paper recycling shows how paper waste can be transformed into something beautiful and valuable, all made in Denmark.

Through THE UPCYCL, we have been able to acquire residual materials for use in our production system and packaging. And as we think in circular terms, it has been crucial for us to be sustainable in as many aspects of our business as possible.
Jonas Thorup Langelund, founder of Papirværk


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