Drying Stand Made from Steel Pipe Offcuts

Papirværk has created a rack of industrial waste - specifically stainless steel pipes - which they use to dry their handmade paper, made from recycled paper waste itself

We use the steel pipes in our production. The pipes are a very tangible way for us to engage in multiple circular solutions. With a simple function, they handle all the drying of our handmade paper. The pipes are arranged in a system to hold our sheets during drying. It is our ambition to further scale this drying facility with the same pipes from THE UPCYCL.
Jonas Thorup Langelund, Co-founder and Head of Sales & Marketing, Papirværk.

The steel pipes used by Papirværk are from the industrial company Jevi, a supplier of electrical heating solutions. They produce everything from tubular heating elements to brake resistors. Jevi makes efforts to sort their waste, meaning these steel pipes can now continue in Papirværk's value chain.

Papirværk is inherently circular, where their entire concept and DNA are built on a circular business model, where paper waste is transformed into new life.

Therefore, we strive to include production methods and processes that contribute to more circularity.
Jonas Thorup Langelund, Co-founder and Head of Sales & Marketing, Papirværk.

Learn more about our esteemed members, Jevi and Papirværk. And if you have paper waste that you'd like to see transformed into new products, contact Jonas here.

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