A Simple Circular Match: From Packaging to Packaging

Sometimes a circular match can be so simple that a residual material can actually be used for exactly what it was meant to be used for all along. In this case, New Waste packaging film from Lindab has been matched with the paper company Papirværk.

Normally, the large rolls of plastic film are thrown in the waste bin at the end of their useful life, but now the large ventilation group has a different story. The large rolls of film are as good as new, and during their short lifespan they have only been used for wrapping sheet material. When Lindab unwraps the sheets, they wind the plastic onto a roll, which ends up having up to 1200 meters of plastic film on it. 

Through THE UPCYCL , Lindab found a match in the small paper company Papirværk, which makes handmade paper products from paper waste. 

With a business model based on a circular foundation, it made a lot of sense for Papirværk to incorporate circular packaging into their shipping procedure. Therefore, they saw great potential in the Lindab film rolls, which they successfully put to the test. The plastic film proved particularly suitable for wrapping posters - and that's how packaging became... packaging! 

It's as simple as that when one man's trash becomes another man's gold. 

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