Rethink Event

Rethink Event is an event and consulting agency with sustainability at its core. With extensive experience in coordinating and executing corporate events, the agency concurrently focuses on aiding companies in the experience industry to develop and implement sustainable solutions.

Their goal is to guide companies through sustainable transitions, laying the groundwork for green visions through tangible behavioral changes. In practice, they serve as consultants and project managers for events and consulting processes. Rethink Event provides insights and guidance on initiatives to ensure sustainable success—environmentally, socially, and economically. This includes everything from waste sorting and value chain collaborations to engaging employees and volunteers.

Rethink Event also offers a product line, developing waste bins and other waste sorting solutions, with materials supplied by THE UPCYCL.

Read more about Rethink Event here.

Thanks to my membership in THE UPCYCL, I could quickly have a product made from 80% recycled materials, contributing to waste sorting solutions in places like sports arenas or larger venues such as convention centers.
Sofie Randal, Founder & CEO of Rethink Event


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