Sorting facility is made from waste itself

The VENTI A/S factory in Hørning produces modern ventilation systems. Meters of galvanized steel sheets roll daily through the factory, which has begun to focus on recycling the leftovers from production.

We focus on recycling galvanized steel, which is the material we use a lot. Larger scraps are placed in 'poster holders' so that you can easily flip through to a suitable piece if you don't need a large, new plate for a new product,
Anne Balleby, Factory Manager Venti

The same focus has emerged at Stoko Plast in Lem. In connection with their production, there are often large cuttings of acrylic sheets in different colors.

Both companies are members of THE UPCYCL, and their Industrial Waste Materials are available in THE UPCYCL materials bank.

Anne Balleby from Venti and Sofie Randel from Rethink Event.

Rethink Event saw great potential in Venti and Stoko Plast’s materials. Creative thinking, a little craftsmanship, and effective communication later - and the prototype for the circular waste bin were ready.

The circular waste bin has even found its calling. It will be used in Ceres Arena during their events. The management of AGF has a focus on sustainability - and the right waste management. And the fact that the waste bin itself is circular - it makes sense.

I have developed a sorting system for AGF where you divide your waste into four 'fractions'. The waste container itself is a standard model, but the 'collar' (lid, ed.) must be adapted to the individual fraction so that plastic cups, cardboard trays, and food scraps can be sorted. The collars, which will be mounted at the top, will consist of metal residual materials from Venti's production.
Sofie Randel, Founder & CEO Rethink Event.

For Sofie Randel from Rethink Event, the leftover materials of thin metal sheets scattered around the factory hall are a goldmine. With extensive experience in handling waste for Danish music festivals such as Northside and Tinderbox, the Aarhus-based event maker knows how to handle waste in large quantities when there are many people gathered in one place. And it requires solutions that are environmentally friendly.

Sofie Randel developed the system together with the waste management company Johannes Sørensen og Sønner.

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