Studio Yann Gandon

Studio Yann Gandon is a multi-disciplinary studio where simplicity and practicality converge to shape meaningful design experiences. The Founder, Yann Gandon, is a self-taught designer and woodworker from France who established his design studio in 2020. Originally based in New Zealand, he has since opened his studio in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I've chosen to become a member of THE UPCYCL because integrating sustainable materials has been a consistent aspect of my creative approach.Initially centered around recycled wood, my interest has expanded, and now I aim to explore a wider array of materials.This platform aligns perfectly with my aspirations since, as an independent designer, it's challenging to procure such materials, despite their availability in abundance.My intention is to leverage the resources on this platform, utilizing them as a foundation for projects or incorporating them into various endeavors, thus minimizing reliance on virgin raw materials.
Yann Gandon, founder and designer at Studio Yann Gandon

Yann transitioned from diverse roles in sales and finance to pursue a career in furniture design, driven by a newfound purpose and unwavering commitment. He approaches each project with a fresh and innocent eye, immersing himself in the world of design.

We create light and modulable objects, transcending mere functionality and fostering meaningful interactions between the user and the object. Drawing inspiration from nature's boundless beauty, we embrace natural materials and we strive to enhance the connection between humans and their surroundings, celebrating the harmony that emerges from this bond.
Yann Gandon, founder and designer at Studio Yann Gandon


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