Underflod designs circular interior solutions where they reuse materials that would otherwise end up in the trash.

This Danish interior company was founded by two brothers from Funen, Emil and Mads. They design products with minimalism and waste reduction in mind.

Their focus is on quality, durability, and, most importantly, aesthetics.

We are incredibly pleased with our membership at THE UPCYCL. We look forward to having a multitude of opportunities in the form of potential materials for the development of new products. It is rare to be guaranteed a continuous supply of materials when working with the circular economy, and the collaboration with THE UPCYCL allows us to scale our business.
Mads Maegaard Jørgensen, CEO & Founding Partner, Underflod.
Emil Maegaard Jørgensen (left) & Mads Maegaard Jørgensen (right)

Underflod is a member of THE UPCYCL as a demand company. This means they use surplus materials from the industry, sourced by THE UPCYCL, in their products. The core business of Underflod is also the circular economy, integrated into all parts of the design process. In addition to contributing to the circular economy, the brothers behind Underflod also focus on social responsibility, and their products are produced in social economic workshops in Denmark.

You can see Underflod's designs and get to know them better here.


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