Tapas and cutting boards from tabletop production waste

A collaboration that may not immediately seem obvious has become a reality. The result is that surplus materials from tabletop production are now being recycled to create tapas and cutting boards.

This involves a partnership between the interior brand Underflod and PFP, a supplier of custom-made tabletops.

Underflod has designed tapas and cutting boards using surplus materials from PFP's tabletop production. These surplus materials include solid wood from sink and stove cutouts, as well as end cuts from kitchen countertop production.

Underflod always includes THE UPCYCL's material bank in the design process. Here, we know that it's possible to obtain circular materials continuously. As a startup in the circular world, there are many logistics to be solved. Through our membership, we always have the opportunity to contact THE UPCYCL's employees, who are flexible and can help deliver materials that fit our program perfectly.If there are materials that are not visible on the website, THE UPCYCL is always ready to help find them.
Mads Maegaard Jørgensen, CEO and co-founder of Underflod

Underflod not only incorporates circularity into their design process but also includes a social element. Specifically, in their production process, they collaborate with both prisons and sheltered workshops as suppliers.

The Process:

After Underflod acquires the wood for their tapas and cutting boards from THE UPCYCL, it is transported to Nørre Snede Prison. Here, the boards are roughly cut to size. Once the boards have been cut, they are planed, giving the wood a completely new surface. After planing, they are finish-milled to resemble the finished products.

Since Underflod's logo or engraving cannot be done in the prison's setup, the products are sent to the workshops in Odense, where the final details are completed.

Finally, the tapas and cutting boards are packaged at Underflod in recycled paper, ready to be delivered to consumers.

Design and Product-Specific Details:

Underflod's tapas and cutting boards are designed with a minimalist and timeless expression. The products are of high quality and made from either oak or walnut wood to ensure their durability over the years. Both products have a suitable thickness to prevent the wood from deforming and to remain level.

The tapas board is designed with a focus on the most important aspect, namely food. It comes in two sizes and can be used for serving and as a plate.

The cutting board is designed so that it can be used to cut bread on the side with grooves and flipped to provide a flat surface for cutting vegetables, for example.

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