Mathias Falkenstrøm

Studio Mathias Falkenstrøm (SMF) is a design studio based in Copenhagen, established by Mathias Falkenstrøm, who is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Art.

At Studio Mathias Falkenstrøm, their primary focus is always to prioritize the materials over the design.

By designing based on the specific properties of materials, you can significantly enhance the utilization of waste materials and, in general, achieve a more efficient production, all of which contributes to a more sustainable furniture production. When you have the right materials in place, you automatically create the right framework for aesthetics and functionality.
Mathias Falkenstrøm, designer and owner of SMF
Studio Mathias Falkenstrøm is THE UPCYCL's biggest fan! We see endless possibilities in their approach to making things easier for anyone looking to work sustainably in relation to the climate. Since THE UPCYCL has initially mapped a plethora of fantastic waste materials that are as good as new, it's incredibly easy for a designer to assemble a beautiful combination of new waste materials, each with strengths in different directions and qualities. THE UPCYCL excels at providing low-hanging fruit for all types of companies looking to transition towards a greener direction - be it manufacturing, design, or procurement.
Mathias Falkenstrøm, designer and owner of SMF
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