ARoS is an international art museum rooted in Aarhus. The museum is a unique cultural landmark in the heart of Aarhus. 

With five galleries and an entire floor dedicated to installation art, ARoS offers an important creative space for recalibrating the past, negotiating the present, and imagining the future through art. Every year, ARoS presents groundbreaking national and international artists as well as exhibitions surveying art from ARoS' own impressive collection containing more than 8,000 works – one of the most eye-catching being the rainbow Your rainbow panorama located at the top of the museum.

In the museum’s 10-year vision ARoS Vision 2033, we commit to demonstrate leadership within the museum and gallery sector in response to climate change. Our environmental responsibility informs our actions with sustainability as a core principle. We will lead sectoral thinking in this area through targeted efforts by our museum team, investments in green technology and conscious behavioral change among visitors and staff.
Rebecca Matthews, Museum Director


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