Design company Whynature has developed an innovative Rhombeparket flooring system, where attention to detail and sustainability take center stage. Whynature was founded by Peter Mortensen and Jeppe Ecklo with a clear message that their products aim to meet the needs of the industry for sustainable solutions with both high and consistent quality, produced on a large scale.

The realization of Whynature encapsulates our experience and passion for design and material ability, coupled with a focus on sustainability and market demand
Peter Mortensen, Co-founder Whynature

Whynature's Rhombeparket is made from oak and is considered highly innovative as its design allows for the use of short cuttings in the daily production of traditional parquet and plank floors. It consists of sorted-out wood from Wiking Gulve's primary product, which is also a member of THE UPCYCL.



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