Optimizing Wood Resources in Rhombe design

Wiking Floors is a Danish hardwood flooring manufacturer that places a strong emphasis on sustainable and responsible production. When Wiking Floors produces hardwood floors, there are leftover offcuts in the daily production process. These offcuts still hold significant potential because their high quality remains intact.

With THE UPCYCL's platform, it has become possible to utilize and showcase the surplus material. Through the platform, our member company, Whynature, discovered the material. Whynature is a Copenhagen-based design company that primarily works with upcycled materials. They immediately saw the value in the offcuts, which, with the right processing, could be transformed into a new flooring design that is 100% upcycled.

The offcuts are used for the flooring design called Rhombe, designed by the new duo Ecklon+Mortensen. Rhombe, as seen in the picture, is made from oak. It is highly innovative because the design allows for the use of the short offcuts in the daily production of traditional parquet and plank floors. This ensures that the wood at Wiking Floors is optimally utilized and does not go to waste.

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