Den Skandinaviske Designhøjskole (DSDH)

Den Skandinaviske Designhøjskole (DSDH) has, since its establishment in 2000, worked with three core values: Boldness, Sensory, and Innovation. These values are reflected in all activities at the school, including the approach to sustainability. DSDH offer four disciplines - Architecture & Urban Design, Fashion & Textile, Visual Communication, and Furniture, Space & Product Design, which, with a methodical, practical, and reflective approach to design, also embody a sustainable mindset. DSDH is located on an old estate where the buildings support education, community, and experiences.

We are members of THE UPCYCL because we are convinced that there is only one way forward - a sustainable and circular path. Design should be a significant guiding light on this journey. We aim to guide the next generation of designers and architects to work with sustainability and circular economy, helping us shape an circular future. Practically, we want THE UPCYCL's materials to be visually evident so that students can integrate them from the ideation phase and consider solutions based on leftover materials and industry offcuts.
Merete Østergaard, Principal.
In the picture, the students from the Fashion & Textile line are working with THE UPCYCL-materials, where they transform coffee bean bags and airbags into outerwear.
The combination of design and the danish ‘højskole’ life can be something truly special. Design is about being open and curious about the world and being able to put yourself in someone else's shoes. Social interaction plays a crucial role in everyday life. Most people perform better when they thrive and feel good. It's also where we best nurture you personally and strengthen your creative professionalism.
Kåre Birk, Instructor in Furniture, Space & Product Design.


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