CarpEnter CPH

"Our vision is to create original and functional designs with an aesthetic focus and sustainable precision". 

At the urban carpentry, aesthetics, craftsmanship, and consideration go hand in hand. CarpEnter CPH is behind design classics like BeMo Cph and Junckers Hexparket, developed in collaboration with architect Martin Hartman. With Hexparket, a sustainable and innovative floor design for Junckers was created. The design consists of three pieces of wood assembled into a hexagon and is an enhancement and optimization of an existing product. In the creation of Hexparket, the short lengths in production are utilized to minimize waste. A beautiful and innovative example of resource optimization, which we love at THE UPCYCL.

Peter Mortensen, the man behind CarpEnter CPH, has a great love for wood and works with a keen eye for detail and sustainability. Recently, he has been working on the project "Take care of wood," a series of tables made from excess wood from a Danish manufacturing company. The focus here, both in production and packaging, is to minimize material waste and optimize resource utilization.

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