The Future of Business
is Circular

Nearly 895 million tons of material waste ends up in landfills every year. We think it’s time to turn that line into a circle by matching industries with excess materials to companies that can put them to use.

Industrial Waste Calculator

Test to see if you have gold in your container.
Get a valuation of whether your industrial waste has the potential to be circulated to others and at what price you can sell it.

We can only be circular together.


Pallets of new materials
saved from waste


Euros saved by our
members using New Waste


Tons of CO2 emissions
avoided (Coming soon)

Putting an End to Waste Is Everyone’s Business

The time has come to put an end to waste by going circular. But you can’t be circular alone. So we’re finding new ways to collaborate, create and turn waste materials into good business.
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Pallets of new materials
saved from waste


Euros saved by our
members using New Waste


Tons of CO2 emissions
avoided (Coming soon)
How we do it

From Trash to Cash



Explore new waste materials.

Explore all the materials in our digital or physical show rooms.

Ask questions, get more details and request samples of the materials, and thereby understand the materials you're looking for better.

Whether you're in the fashion industry, packaging or the construction industry - we will guide you to think in circles.

At this stage, no fee, no money, no membership is needed

Just start thinking in circles!

In love?

Order materials for test or proto.

Order a small batch of materials to test your solution. We will handle the hassle, restrain the materials from being wasted, and bring them to you.

Didn't find what you're looking for?
If your desired material is not found in our showroom, we'll go waste-hunting, with a promised material-lineup within 7 days.

At this stage, membership is required. You do the people-planet-profit math.

It works!

Place orders of volume and flow.

Your supply chain of New Waste materials is spinning.

You now grow your business by:
  • Validating your sourced material with THE UPCYCL labelling.
  • Get your monthly reports on:
    Emissions saved / CO2
    Money saved / €
    Waste saved / kg
  • Share knowledge generously with other Circular Thinkers within the community.
  • Participate in circular workouts, events and cooperations.
  • Turn your next exchangeable supply chain into a circle.

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Our members are giving new waste new life across all different kinds of projects.
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Never heard of
New Waste?

New Waste is, as the name suggests, entirely unused materials. It comes from large-scale production, so it's always high quality, consistent and reliable. In other words, a largely untapped treasure trove for designers, producers and creators of all kinds.

Join our Circle

We can't build a circular future without circular thinkers. Our members supply or use New Waste to benefit the environment and the bottom line. Together, we're connecting waste streams to the supply chain and changing the life cycle of materials.
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