Upcycling Carpets for the Construction Industry

Every year, 4100 km square kilometers of carpet are thrown out from Danish exhibition centers.

In the construction industry, sustainability and cost-efficiency are crucial. Traditionally, this industry relies on virgin materials like plastic sheets and new carpets for surface protection. At THE UPCYCL we have a better alternative. Upcycled floor-covering carpets from showcases, exhibitions, and events can be repurposed for use in construction.

At Bygma Gruppen A/S, we aim to contribute to the circular use of materials. To help our customers minimize the use of new resources and give existing materials a new life, we have entered a strategic partnership with THE UPCYCL. This allows us to reduce unnecessary waste and CO2 emissions.
Elnaz Ehsani, Director of Climate and Sustainability at Bygma Gruppen A/S.

The carpets we receive are used briefly and typically end up as waste. Through THE UPCYCL these materials gain a longer life, and are made available to the construction industry through a strategic partnership with Bygma Gruppen A/S.

Now, discarded waste materials circulate between the events sector and the construction industry in continuous flows, reducing waste, CO2 emissions, and the consumption of virgin materials.

Partnerships are key to increasing the circular use of materials already present in industries. We are very pleased with our collaboration with Bygma Gruppen A/S, as they have strong sales channels in the construction industry and can introduce these materials without causing significant disruptions.
Rikke Ullersted, CEO of THE UPCYCL.

We already have two suppliers of waste carpets from the events sector, but the demand for used carpets is much greater, and we are continually seeking more companies to join the initiative. So if you have used exhibition carpets or know someone who does, please contact us via hello@theupcycl.com.

The construction industry stands to benefit significantly from using New Waste materials, contributing to a more circular economy while achieving cost savings. At THE UPCYCL, we support these sustainable practices, helping industries innovate and reduce their environmental footprint, one member at a time.

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